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This school year your home is the classroom

For many families distance or online learning can be stressful and challenging. Your student may need help with:

-Challenging subjects 

-Homework and Organization

-Time Management 

Let's face it, parents today are amazing but, they aren't teachers. At After Class Tutoring we have developed a program specifically with distance learning families in mind.

Distance Learning
Image by Tim Gouw

Learning Pods

"Very professional, yet personal. Excellent resources and background. Work well with students and parents in order to share educational tools and strategies. The individualized services are unmatched. Maybe most importantly, student evaluations result in realistic and honest goals for the future."

-Brooklyn Parker Ussery

Learning pods are small groups of 5 or less students that come together for specialized lessons and tutoring. The groups can meet here at the tutoring center or in someone's home. Parents and families are responsible for putting the groups together so you can choose students your child works well with to ensure the groups stay on track. 

Sign up below and let us help your students have their best year yet right from home!  

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