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- Gain acceptance into the college of their dreams

- Test out of a year or more of college classes

- Feel less anxious and more confident

- Receive MORE scholarship money

If you said YES to any of these then you are in the right place!


After Class Tutoring is Utah's leader in ACT Prep. We can help your student raise their score from a 22 to a 30*

Sign up below to see how quickly you can raise your ACT score and get into the college of your dreams. 

"THANK YOU AFTER CLASS TUTORING!! My daughter brought her score up 5 points after 1 month. She went from a 25 to a 30 and got into the college she wanted. After Class Tutoring helped her with strategies to manage her time better which made a big difference for her. She had to put in the work that they gave her but she was motivated and committed to hitting her goal. It paid off!" -Jennafer Jones Jeppsen

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