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Your student wants to increase their ACT score, and you want to do everything you can to help them. Acceptance into certain schools still requires a test score, and many merit scholarships still depend on students achieving high scores. But online seems to be filled with so called ACT and college prep 'experts'. You don't know how to tell who is a real expert and who is just getting started in the field. You are up all night searching facebook and friend's posts, going through every free resource and tutor profile to try to find a good fit. You ask for advice and you just get bombarded with pitches. You don't know where to turn for information and guidance.

You want your student to get individualized instruction, but most programs are thousands of dollars. And what happens when you spend that money only to have the test you have been studying for cancelled at the last minute by ACT.

  Figuring out where to start can be confusing and trying to do it on your own has everyone feeling frustrated. You know you need help; you just aren't sure what the best fit is for your teenager.

But what if you could get help from someone you know is an expert and at a price point that makes you comfortable? What if you could get guidance from an expert every step along the way?

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One-on-one prep can get pricey. But a self paced course lacks the individualization that your student needs. This program blends the two together. It allows your student to know just what to do on their own while adding in strategies, timing, and individual guidance to get the results they need.

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You won't have to worry about whether or not your student is on track for success. You can be part of the process! With additional parent training to guide in the college prep process as well as 24/7 access to me, you will never be left in the dark when it comes to your student. I understand that even though the student has to do the studying, parents are as important to success as I am during this process!

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Don't waste your valuable study time searching for practice tests, reading endless books, or searching for online help. We put everything your student needs in one place so you can stop searching and start studying.

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Our students are prepared and confident so they achieve the scores they need to qualify for the schools and scholarships they want!

I am so confident that your student will achieve the results you are looking for that if for any reason they do not increase their score, I will keep working with them for no additional charge!



Melissa is phenomenal. She is extremely helpful, friendly, and professional. If your goal is to achieve a higher ACT score, then this is the place to go. She helped me prepare for the ACT. I needed to retake the ACT in College because the program I was going into required a higher score. 'After Class Tutoring' administered a practice ACT test and then Melissa told me the areas I could improve on. The whole process was very professional and helpful. They prepared me to receive the score I needed to get into my program. Melissa provides results. 

-Sam Winder

-Do you want to know you are working with an expert?

-Are you looking to get high level help, and also have work to do on your own time?

-Does your student want to improve their ACT score to be competitive at their dram school?

-Are you wanting to maximize the amount of scholarship money     your student can get?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you NEED this program!


Male and female students doing schoolwor


$399 value

24 hour access to the online course, which includes:

-30+ hours of video lessons (more added each week)

-Practice worksheets

-Practice tests

You will have continued access to the online course for a full year! That way you are ready for the ACT no matter what testing date you are able to sit for.


$2,000 value

-Weekly 2 hour live sessions

(times TBD by student availability)

-Strategy and Timing Analysis

-Customized Study Plan and homework for each student


24/7  HELP

$599 value

Unlimited access to Melissa through Voxer for help with: questions, strategy, timing, test anxiety assistance and so much more!

Parents have 24/7 access to me as well through Voxer! Use this to plan when to test, what colleges to apply to, get assistance with applications and more!



I am Melissa Sprouse, director and owner of After Class Tutoring. I have been doing ACT/SAT preparation for over 12 years. My ability to make a connection with my students, fine tune strategy and test taking skills, and build confidence in those with testing anxiety are just a few of the reasons I excel at preparing students for the ACT. I am passionate about helping students overcome their struggles and find out that with the right help they ARE good at their most challenging subjects. 

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Don't take it from us...

Thumbs Up

After Class Tutoring is an amazing company! I love that they personalize each student's tutoring needs and match each student with a tutor best suited for the students needs. My daughter is looking to improve her already very good ACT/SAT scores. Melissa thought that with approximately 8 individual sessions that her ACT score could improve at least 3 points... Regardless of the level of improvement, she has learned test taking techniques and strategies that will be of great benefit not only for these tests, but for college as well. It has been worth every cent and After Class Tutoring cost is far lower than other companies who offer similar services. I have recommended to my daughter's high school principal that he publicize After Class Tutoring to the parent community, not only for ACT/SAT testing but for all types of tutoring. I highly recommend After Class Tutoring!

-Renee S.

I went to After Class Tutoring for ACT prep the summer of last year, and Melissa, the owner, and Michelle, my tutor, have been the most loving and caring people that I have met. They have helped me through hard times and kept me motivated when I was at my lowest. We need more people like Melissa and Michelle in the world that truly want to help kids!

-Tara Joon

After Class Tutoring is an excellent school. They were very professional and the atmosphere at the school is one of aptitude and excellence. Melissa helped my son achieve 2 points higher on the ACT. He wasn't able to advance his score any further on his own after taking the test multiple times. We are very glad that he was able to spend time at After Class Tutoring and that they helped him achieve his goals.

-Owakulukem Clevis

Our daughter took the ACT for her first time her junior year and was very nervous. This resulted in a lower score than she was hoping for, a 25. After just 2 months of tutoring, she was able to refresh her knowledge from a few years ago, and gain the confidence she needed. And she pulled off a 30! I highly recommend Melissa. Every penny spent was well worth it! She's made that back ten fold in scholarship money.

-Emma Drennan

My daughter learned so much and loved every second

-Adrie Kuhen

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    When does this program begin and how long does it run for?                                          

A:    The program begins the week of August 24th, but you will receive access to the online course as soon as you sign up. Get a jump start on prep if you would like. It runs for 10 weeks, across a span of 7 test dates.                                                                            

Q:    When will the classes be held?                                                  

A: The class schedule will be determined based on student availability. The first thing I will do is find out when everyone is available and choose a weekly time slot that will work for everyone. 

Q: How do I know you are an ACT expert and I trust your skill set? 

A: The best way is not to trust me, but to read it for yourself from other people! Do a search for After Class Tutoring and you will see my reviews. Or better yet hop into my facebook group 'College Prep-Aspiring Resilient and Independent Students' and check out one of my free trainings! I want you to feel confident that you are picking the best fit for your student.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A: I offer a satisfaction guarantee. I cannot promise you that testing day will be perfect and nothing out of the ordinary will happen. I can, however, promise that I am here to help you until your student sees a score increase. So on the off chance your student's score does not increase (which I've actually never had happen) just reach out and let me know. At the end of the day, I am here to help your student and I will make sure that I do that!

Q: Why should I have my student do a group program as opposed to one-on-one prep?

A: Both program options have their strengths and weaknesses. That is why I created a hybrid program! It is neither one-on-one prep nor a group program. Instead I have combined the best of both worlds. In the group program, you will receive more instruction at a lower price point and your students will have a community to help support and cheer them on. For anything needing higher touch and individual guidance, your student will have voxer access to reach out at any time and get the guidance they need.

Don't see the question you would like answered? Feel free to contact me and ask!

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