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After Class Tutoring is more than just your average tutoring center. We are a comprehensive community that is built upon resources that help with every educational need.



Our Most Comprehensive Program For Struggling Students



Personalized For Each Student, Individual Help, and Incredible Results



Custom Programs For Math, Reading Comprehension, Writing, and More



Help For Any School Subject. We Offer One Time Sessions or Recurring Scheduled Sessions

Why Us



Education is changing every day, so it only makes sense that a tutoring company should change with it, right? Surprisingly, this is just not always the case. At After Class Tutoring we change our curriculum, our teaching style, and our processes to match what is currently happening in the industry! This means every day your student is getting the most up to date information possible. 


At After Class Tutoring, we work directly with experts in each field to ensure your students are getting the best education possible. Our ACT curriculum is written by a perfect scorer, who has been in the test prep industry for 10 years. We consult with test prep experts, licensed teachers, psychologists, college admissions officers, and more to ensure that the information your students receive is of the highest quality.


Technology is the future of education. We believe that by using the latest technologies we can make students more productive, more organized, and more reliable in a way that works better for them... We also use technology to reach more people and make tutoring more convenient for students and parents.


After Class Tutoring is devoted to the improvement and discovery of each student's individual learning potential.  Our mission is to help our students reach their goals by helping them develop skills, confidence, and independence as they navigate their way through their education years. 

Despite what you are experiencing now, 


with our help!



Each Program is Custom Built to Accommodate the Needs of the Student. No Two Programs are the Same.


Whether you Prefer E-Mail, Phone Call, or In-Person Service, we Offer Friendly Reliable Help for all your Needs.


Information on Everything From the College Application Process, Scholarships, Test Anxiety, and School Subject Resources are all Entirely Free.


I went to After Class Tutoring from May to August and they helped me to strive past my original goal and achieve a 32 on the ACT. The tutors at After Class Tutoring are extremely nice and caring. I developed personal relationships with them and felt like I could talk to them about anything if I needed to. They provide a comfortable setting that is designed to encourage kids to be the best they can be. I appreciate the time that I spent at After Class Tutoring and the help and confidence that I gained from going there.

After Class Tutoring has helped with not only my ACT but also in school as well.  After my first time taking the ACT and thus coming to the tutors here, they have helped me to get an 8 point increase from 24 to a 32.  The tutors here are very welcoming and understanding.  With school help, everyone has helped me to achieve the grade I want to get to, along with pushing me to keep that grade up.  The tutors don't only focus on the grade, they want you to gain the knowledge and life skills needed to succeed in school and college.  After Class Tutoring's system is new and unique, keeping the students working hard and taking in the information that the student needs.

I live in a small town where it is hard to find one on one tutoring for the ACT test.  We found After Class Tutoring through a google search and it was one of the very best things we’ve done.  Melissa is hands down one of the nicest, most organized, helpful and caring individuals I have ever dealt with on a business level.  She made my son and I feel comfortable from the first interaction and continues to do so whenever we reach out.  We traveled to Draper for our initial evaluation and first 3 sessions.  My son left feeling that he learned valuable information to apply to his ACT test coming up in 3-4 weeks. We are able to schedule and complete future sessions via the internet from our home (it is a 7 hour round trip for us to drive). She is also willing to accommodate and schedule us in when we travel up north.  I also feel the crew at After Class Tutoring are simply amazing!!  I highly recommend giving them a call if your children need some extra help.Thanks again Melissa, Michelle, Elom and the rest of the crew for the great experience and truly wonderful customer service.

Meet The Team

Melissa Sprouse




    Melissa has always had a passion for learning and teaching. She has been tutoring students since she was in high school, but really got into the tutoring business in college. She worked at a franchise doing test prep and when she graduated left that franchise in search of a full-time job. During her time in the job force, she could never fully leave tutoring and always came back to it. She spent two years crafting together curriculum and in 2015 opened After Class Tutoring. Her passion and drive for this business truly come from the success of the students. Nothing beats seeing a student get into the college of their dreams because they were able to bring their ACT score up 7 points, or seeing a student who has been struggling with math their entire lives suddenly have it make sense and have them realize that they are not ‘bad’ at math and are capable of getting a good grade in their class. She understands that every student can be successful in school if we just stop putting them in a box of what “being successful” means and allow them to learn through their strengths and passions instead of applying one specific method or right way of doing things.

Michelle Chicas - Aslett


Director Of Education


    Michelle came to After Class Tutoring in 2015 and started on as a tutor. Her original plan was to be a tutor through college and go on to become a doctor. She had always known she wanted to help people and wanted to find a career that would allow her to do that. She quickly fell in love with teaching and decided to make it her career. Her passion for learning and dedication to the students drive her to improve our programs and ensure each student’s experience at After Class Tutoring is unique and successful. In her free time, Michelle is a well-rounded woman of many talents. She is active in the makeup tutorial community and participated in an orchestra, playing the violin. She has a passion for learning that extends into every part of her life and knows how to transfer that passion to others.

Sam Lee


Director Of Reading


 Sam was the first tutor hired at After Class Tutoring in 2015. At the time, she was pursuing a degree in Math, but we quickly discovered she had a natural talent for Reading Programs and teaching in general. She decided to make teaching her full-time career and after she graduated from college, she became a full-time teacher, however; she just couldn’t leave After Class Tutoring. She has stayed on teaching and has become our director of reading programs, ensuring that every student who comes here struggling with reading leaves reading on or above grade level. Her patience and persistence make her particularly successful with students who are lacking the confidence to achieve their goals. In her free time, Sam loves the outdoors and food. Her favorite activities include camping, rock climbing, and making her own sourdough bread from scratch.

Contact Us


258 E 12200 S Draper, Utah 84020 /  Tel. 801.878.4105

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After Class Tutoring is a tutoring center located in Draper, Utah.  We specialize in ACT and SAT test prep, subject tutoring, homework help and college guidance.  At After Class Tutoring, we believe that every student has a different way in which he or she learns.  We strive to understand the specific way your student learns so that we can provide him/her the best help possible!

Fill out our get started form just over to your left to learn more about how we can help your student excel in whatever subject he/she needs help with.

"Everybody is a Genius. But if you Judge a Fish by its Ability to Climb a Tree, it will Live its Whole Life Believing it is Stupid" 


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