Reading is one of the most important life skills a person can have.  If your child is struggling with reading comprehension or missing crucial skills, take the time this summer to get caught up.

* Evaluation & Analysis

* Silent & Oral Comprehension

* Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary

* Start the school year at grade level!

Writing is a skill that you need for all levels of life.  Whether your student is struggling to write a complete sentence or an entire research paper, we can create a writing program tailored to your specific needs.

* Evaluation and Analysis
* Grammar & Punctuation
* Organization & Writing Style
​* Be prepared to tackle any writing assignment!


Math Program

With college just around the corner, these high school years can be the hardest times to navigate.  In the midst of taking ACT tests, completing college applications, and searching for scholarships, sometimes necessary items fall through the cracks.  

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about preparing your student for the ACT test!

* 1-on-1 tutoring with experienced teachers

* Test Review & College Insights

* A plan tailored to your specific goal!

Writing Program

Summer is a great time to catch up in math or strengthen your child's current skills without the pressure of grades weighing them down.  Our curriculum is aligned with Common Core but is taught in a way that feels natural and makes sense.

* Evaluation and analysis

* Take out the mystery of Common Core

* Catch up and strengthen your math skills

* Start the school year with confidence!

ACT Test Prep

Reading Program